We met Paul Mascia personally at his Orlando office at which point he explained the strategy of several scenarios and what the probable outcomes would be.

It was certainly the decision of my wife and I however he was instrumental in pointing out the pros and cons as well as the percentages of success of each.

Once the process started, Mascia Law Firm was on the ball with regards to paperwork, proper forms, negotiating with the bank and pushing for a quick short sale acceptance.

The first short sale contract was a cash deal for the asking price of the home.  The short sale was approved by the bank and we found ourselves the day before closing, with all the papers signed, the money in our escrow account and ready for the actual dispersion of funds the following morning.  At 5:00pm, the buyers backed out of the deal and rather than spend a lot of money defending the sale, paying the attorney’s to litigate the case and having a 50/50 outcome, we elected to give their money back.

Our home was re-listed and within 10 days, we had another full offer deal.  Again, we got to the point of short sale acceptance by the bank (thanks to Mascia Law Firm or it would have taken months instead of a month and half complete) and once again, the other party backed out, this time presumably because they couldn’t get funding.

Shane Hayes, Director of Operations for Mascia Law Firm now took over the reigns and informed us that we would now qualify for a Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure which had the same outcome as doing a short sale.  Only difference is, the professionalism of the Mascia Law Firm and in particular, Shane Hayes,  in knowing what to say, when to say it and how to proceed.  Shane had the Deed in Lieu completed in exactly one months time.  Having the documents recorded with the county took an additional 45 days however these were well within the time frame quoted to my wife and I.

Our credit score went from 818 to 702 which is not bad considering all that went on.  I truly believe that this was directly impacted by the way that Mascia Law Firm handled the sale.

One last note.. Paul Mascia, Shane Hayes and all the paralegals were ALWAYS available to answer any questions (and yes, there were plenty) and set our minds at ease.

Without hesitation, Mascia Law Firm is clearly the leader in the short sale, deed in lieu, foreclosure market.