Real Estate

The purchase and management of property is one of the most important financial undertakings in life. Whether commercial or residential, we understand the weight of these investments and have committed ourselves to using our experience to help clients make the best, informed decision with the most efficient, cost-effective plans.


We at the Mascia Law Firm can help you with:

  • Closings
  • Construction
  • Development
  • Purchasing and Sales
  • Refinancing
  • Foreclosure

When purchasing a property, surprise can be a buyer’s worst enemy. Material facts and conditions should be uncovered up front and lender requirements should be set out at the on set.


When selling a property you must provide the buyer and his/her lender with details of material issues that relate to their objectives. Commercial property transactions are more complex than residential real estate transactions, yet both need to have expert review of all contracts to protect your interests.


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