Foreclosure Defense

The Process

We can aggressively defend your case and also get the bank to release debt liability. The best way to protect your rights is by establishing a strong legal defense within the lawful time frame required by the state. We at Mascia Law Firm have seen success by getting involved as late as the day of a sale. Our skilled lawyers can help even if you didn’t answer to a foreclosure promptly.


We strongly encourage you to contact us to protect your rights.


Important Fact: Time and money are huge contributing factors.

  • There is a period of 20 days in which you can respond to a served foreclosure notice.
  • Act decisively as soon as possible in moving toward a solution.
  • Home owners have leverage in foreclosure cases: the bank will have to spend to litigate.

Important Fact: The key to a great defense is reviewing all your options.

  • It is not enough to mail in a letter.
  • What’s imperative: address all legal issues; this makes it more difficult for the bank to take a short cut.
  • Appropriate defenses are unique to each case.

This is where we come in. We value timeliness and efficiency, and will provide both toward your case. With our expertise we can help you through this.

The Defense

If a bank is suing you for foreclosure, do not panic and understand your options.

Collection agents use scare tactics!!!

They say you will lose your home if you don’t pay are the Facts!!!

  • You will not lose your home if you fail to pay immediately.
  • Depending on the route you chose and with ideal moves, you can stay at a property for two years or more.
  • The cost of legal fees is often much less than the cost of rent elsewhere.
  • Many lawyers lack the expertise in this tricky area of law, and cannot always lead clients in the most beneficial direction.

We know how to stop a foreclosure!!!

If you have even been defending a foreclosure case for a lengthy period of time, it is still feasible to negotiate other options instead of being foreclosed:

  • A short sale
  • Loan modification
  • Deed in Lieu

Foreclosure Investment Homes

Myth: If you cannot show “financial hardship” it is impossible to negotiate a better financial situation.

Myth: Trying to negotiate with something other than a primary residence will keep lenders from wanting to talk to you about options.


Fact: Steadfast legal representation will help you solve finance matters.


With a dedicated team of attorneys like us, it is in fact possible to get out of second, vacation, and investment homes with you owing little, if anything. With our expertise, we can align the interests of lender and debtors, working toward a solid solution. In the past we have worked hundreds of cases with high value properties and asset protection considerations. We have worked with investors on an international scale. With success we have saved clients hundreds of millions on second investment and commercial property negotiations.


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