Debt Free, Not Debt Fear

Working Towards Financial Freedom and The Best Debt Solutions

What We Do

The Mascia Law Firm holds a primary focus on assisting clients with debt and real estate matters who have been negatively impacted by the stress of the global economy. We provide counsel on foreclosure defense, short sales, loan modifications, debt settlement and bankruptcy. We also help companies and individuals with corporate, real estate, litigation, estate planning and investment matters. Our mission is to use expert legal skill with passion and integrity to transform your legal and financial landscape. The firm also believes in contributing more than legal expertise to communities by actively engaging in charitable initiatives on a local and global scale.

Our Main Ideas

The best debt solutions work toward financial freedom in a responsible manner. This is our goal at the Mascia Law Firm. We believe you can be free of debt and financial burden if you choose to get there. We work to educate clients about money and debt by taking action that will enforce your legal rights with good conscience and integrity. It is commonly misunderstood that being in debt is the sole responsibility of the party that borrowed money. When entering into any business transactions, both parties together take responsibility. With this realization of shared responsibility, power can shift from the lender to the borrower. Both parties in a transaction must share in the downside of a changed economic reality.

Forget the clock

We provide businesses, individuals, and non-profits with exemplary legal solutions for a flat fee without the pretense of large law firms. Our purpose is to create value for you, not track how long we take to do it. We’ve traded in the large firm life, to give our clients what they want: real solutions with high-quality, top tier legal counsel and representation. Our attorneys have large firm experience and the valuable, specialized expertise our clients need. Our clients extend through Florida and the U.S. to the international stage.

  • We have a business model different from the typical billable hour model.
  • We keep our overhead low.
  • We utilize technology to make our work representing you more efficient.

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