The Mascia Law Firm Offers Effective Debt Settlement Strategies Unique To Your Situation

You can settle your debt for a lower amount than you owe. Even unsecured debt like credit card and medical bills can be settled for less than owed. With this type of debt settlement it is best to pay all at once or in a few smaller payments over a period of time.


Note: unsecured lenders cannot foreclose on your house to forcibly settle your debt.


Our experts at the Mascia Law Firm have settled countless cases for, at most, 50 percent of the debt owed by our clients (this includes attorney’s fees). We can fend off creditor attacks to allow homeowners enough time to save funds and settle debt. Our approach to debt settlement is that of an aggressively negotiated solution with creditors whose main goal is to settle with our clients.


Every situation is unique, and custom solutions that will help our clients move on from debt are what we do.


Debt settlement can be the best route for some clients looking to move on from burdensome debt. However, debt settlement scams and is something to be aware of. The biggest hint of a debt settlement scam is a debt settlement company that charges fees before anything is settled. The Mascia Law Firm does not charge any settlement fees before the fee is earned. We will also give back any unearned portion of program payments if a client decides to use those funds for something else.


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